Criminal Law

Criminal Law is our main area;

We have a very broad experience in Criminal Law from all Magistrates´ Courts and High Courts in Denmark, but also from the major international tribunals in the Hague.

Many suspects do not consult a Defense Attorney, when contacted by the Police. That is not a good idea.

They seem to assume that it may damage their case, if they are using a Defense Attorney. Nothing could be more wrong and dangerous.

And you always have the right to contact a Defence Attorney.


Use a Defence Attorney

The Police are often trying to convince suspects to that they do not need a Defense Attorney, if they have nothing to hide.

But a statement to the Police is often misunderstood or distorted, which can it almost make impossible to recognize.

Therefore, it is always necessary to be joined by a Defense Attorney at police interviews. Also at what initially seems as a harmless and normal conversation.

Even though the Police say you do not need a Defense Attorney, you do need one.