International Criminal Cases

Another major focus area in Criminal Law is International Criminal Cases;

The world is more globalized and coherent than ever before, and people travel and settle to a much higher extent away from their home countries, and indulge in various relations to foreigners.

This creates problems and challenges, if things go wrong, and they get suspected or arrested by the Police.


In recent years, more Danes have been suspected or imprisoned abroad, including on suspicions of terrorism, which requires special expertise to deal with as a Defense Attorney.

In these cases we as well use our international experience, and it does not only require knowledge of other countries' Criminal Codes and rules, but also on negotiation and diplomacy to handle these cases.

No help

It is always a very unpleasant experience to be suspected or imprisoned, and even more so in a foreign country, where you do not understand the language, rules and practices.

Many people think the Ministry of Foreign Affairs help Danes imprisoned abroad to get home, but the reality is that the Ministry can only offer support from representations abroad.

But as such the Ministry does not possess any instruments to get Danes imprisoned abroad released and transferred to serve their sentences at home.

A Danish Defense Attorney is therefore very useful; One who knows of foreign legal systems, and has a throughout knowledge of several languages, including the legal terms and concepts that are always different from the ones at home.

Unknown rules

In all other countries very different rules apply;

These rules are important to gain insight in to be able to put up a proper defence against the charges.

We assist with contacts to foreign and Danish authorities, to put on maximum pressure thereon, in order to get detainees released or transferred to Denmark for imprisonment.

Imprisonment in Denmark is always preferable, hence imprisonment in a foreign country is not very pleasant.


Just as traumatic it is for Danes to be suspected or imprisoned abroad, accordingly unpleasant it is for foreigners to be imprisoned or suspected in Denmark.

Our employees speak several languages,​​ and are therefore able to assist in making the Danish rules and practices understandable.

It is big relief to be assisted by a Defense Attorney, who speaks a language you understand, and it helps making imprisonment or suspicions in Denmark easier to cope with.

Our attorneys use their knowledge of foreign legal systems to explain the Danish system for foreigners detained in Denmark.

We also assist foreigners detained in Denmark to be transferred to serve their sentence in their home country, which is always preferable.

Extradition and EU Arrest

In the EU special rules apply on extradition of suspects;

Previously, it was judged by national courts, if there was sufficient legal basis for extraditing a suspect to an EU country.

Now, a so-called EU Arrest Warrant is used for extradition, which does not require a prior Court Decision. This increases the need for professional advice to initially avoid extradition.

Outside the EU special rules apply for extradition.