Sexual Crime

The span in-between sexual offences and harmless flirts is getting more narrow.

Actions considered by one part as innocent, may be perceived by the other part as a serious crime.

Sexual violations are among the worst crimes to be suspected, charged and convicted of, and often there are only two persons, who know what really happened.

This makes it extremely important to ally with a Defense Attorney from the very start up of a case by the Police.

We have extensive experience in this field, so do contact us if you have been suspected of a sexual offense.


One of our core areas of Criminal Law is sexual abuse of minors;

A mere suspicion creates substantive changes in life, even if the charges are dropped.

Not rarely, suspects are forced to move or change their names, jobs and social network, to avoid unjustifiably to be taken into account for having had a sexual relation to a minor.

Special rules apply that require a deep insight and understanding.

Images and Videos

Illegal images and films is a special field of sexual crimes;

There are various degrees thereof, and on Social Media and the internet you can easily make a mistake.

It is very important to use competent counseling, which can help explaining that you did not intend to handle illegal images or videos.

We have lead the most (in)famous cases on file sharing of illegal videos amongst young people in Denmark.