Social Fraud

We are experienced in every variant of White-Collar Crime;

Fraud, Imbezzlement, Theft, Vandalism, Tax and/or VAT Fraud, but particularly we have lead many cases on Social Fraud;

Municipalities focus on Social Fraud using control groups that follow citizens and report even minor violations or misunderstandings of social benefit rules to the Police.  

Average citizens are often being taken to Court, because they misunderstood very complicated rules in a specific field, and are punished with fines or prison, which result in a criminal record.

It is therefore a necessity to ally with an attorney from the first instance, if the Municipality or the Police contact you presenting a suspicion on violation of social benefit rules.

We had numerous cases in this field, so contact us, to ensure that the correct punishment is given, or misunderstandings are soughted out, before a case leads to a criminal record.