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Criminal Cases

We lead all criminal cases, but in these areas we are highly specialized;


A minor episode of violence may seem to simple for consulting a defense attorney.

But violence is as a minimum punished with one month in prison, and not a suspended sentence.


This can be very traumatizing, especially for a younger person.

It also results in a criminal record, which create serious problems getting a new job, due to that most employers require a clean criminal record.

Criminal Law

Criminal Law is the only area we work with;

We led cases in all Magistrates´ and High Courts in Denmark, the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg, and we have worked at the major international criminal tribunals in the Hague in all varieties of criminal cases.

Defense attorney

Many suspects do not consult a defense attorney, when contacted by the Police. That is not a good idea.

They seem to assume that it may damage their case, if they are using a defense attorney. Nothing could be more wrong and dangerous.

It is always necessary to use a defence attorney.


The Police

The Police is often telling suspects that they do not need a defense attorney, if they have nothing to hide.

But a statement to the Police is often misunderstood or distorted, which can make it almost impossible to recognize.

Therefore, it is always necessary to be joined by a defense attorney at police interviews, also at what initially seems as a harmless and normal conversation.

Even though the Police states that you do not need a defense attorney, you do need one.

Attorney Rasmus Soelberg, LL. M.

Attorney Rasmus Soelberg has more than 15 years´ experience in Criminal Law.

Attorney Rasmus Soelberg is a former Prosecutor at the District Attorney`s Office, and he has worked as part of the Defence Team for Radovan Karadzic in the Hague.

Read more about Attorney Rasmus Soelberg below.

Sexual Crime

The span in-between a sexual offence and a harmless flirt is getting more narrow.

Actions considered by one part as innocent, may be perceived by the other part as a serious crime.

Sexual violations are among the worst crimes to be suspected, charged and convicted of, and often there are only two persons, who know what really happened.

This makes it extremely important to ally with a defense attorney from the start up of a case.

We have extensive experience in this field, so do contact us, if you have been suspected of a sexual offense.


One of our core areas of criminal law is cases on sexual abuse of minors;

A mere suspicion may create substantial changes to life, even if the charges are dropped.

Not rarely, suspects are forced to move or change their names, jobs and social network, to avoid unjustifiably to be taken into account for having had a sexual relation to a minor.

Special rules apply that require a deep insight and understanding.

Images and Video Clips

Illegal images and video clips is a specific field of sexual crimes;

There are various degrees thereof, and on the social media and the internet you can easily make a mistake.

It is very important to use competent counseling, which can help explaining that you did not intend to handle illegal images or video clips.

We have lead the most (in)famous cases on file sharing of illegal video clips amongst young people in Denmark.

Victims´ Representative

Victims of violence and of sexual abuse are entitled to free counselling;

Victims´ Representatives provide mental and moral support at interviews at the Police and in Court.

The Victims´ Representative is also filing claims for compensation and is presenting it in court.

If you are a victim of violence, sexual abuse or similar, do contact us.

Social Fraud

We have experience in all variants of white-collar crimes;

Fraud, Imbezzlement, Theft, Vandalism, Tax and/or VAT Fraud, but particularly we have lead many cases on Social Fraud;

Municipalities focus on Social Fraud by using control groups that follow citizens and report even minor violations or misunderstandings of social benefit rules to the Police.  

Average citizens are often being taken to Court, because they misunderstood the very complicated rules in a specific field, and are punished with fines or prison, which result in a criminal record.

It is therefore necessary to ally with a defense attorney from the first instance, if the municipality or the Police contact you presenting a suspicion on violation of social benefit rules.

We had numerous cases in this field, so contact us, to ensure that the correct punishment is given, or misunderstandings are soughted out, before a case leads to a criminal record. 

International Criminal Cases

People now travel and settle to a much higher extent away from their home countries and indulge in various relations to foreigners.

This creates problems and challenges, if things go wrong, and they get suspected or arrested by the police.

We have a vast experience and expertise in International Criminal Cases from international positions and programmes at foreign universities; 

Danes abroad

In recent years many Danes have been suspected or imprisoned abroad, including on suspicions of terrorism, which requires special expertise to deal with as a defense attorney.

In these cases we use our international experience, and  our knowledge of other countries' criminal codes and rules, and our experience with negotiation and diplomacy.

No help from home

It is always a very unpleasant experience to be suspected or imprisoned.

And this is even more so the case in a foreign country, where you do not understand the language, rules and practices.

Many believe that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs assist with getting Danes imprisoned abroad sent home.

But the reality is that the Ministry can only offer a limited amount of support from the Danish or EU representations abroad.

But as such the Ministry does not possess any instruments to get Danes imprisoned abroad released or transferred to serve their sentences at home.

We help

A Danish defense attorney is therefore very useful;

Especially one who knows of foreign legal systems and has  knowledge of several languages, including the legal terms and concepts.

We assist in establishing contact with national and  foreign authorities, and we are putting on maximum pressure thereon to get imprisoned persons released or to serve their sentences here in Denmark.

Unknown rules

In all other countries very different rules apply;

These rules are important to gain insight in to be able to put up a proper defence against the charges.

We assist with that.

Foreigners in Denmark

Just as traumatic it is for Danes to be suspected or imprisoned abroad, accordingly unpleasant it is for foreigners to be imprisoned or suspected in Denmark;

We help

It is a big relief to be assisted by a defense attorney, who speaks a language you understand, and it helps making imprisonment or suspicions in Denmark easier to cope with.

Our employees speak several languages,​​ and are therefore able to assist in making the Danish rules and practices understandable.

Our attorneys also use their knowledge of foreign legal systems to explain the Danish system to foreigners detained in Denmark.

We also assist foreigners detained in Denmark to be transferred to serve their sentence in their home countries.


In the EU special rules apply on extradition of suspects;

Previously, it was judged by national courts, if there was sufficient legal basis for extraditing a suspect to an EU Country.

Now, a so-called EU Arrest Warrant is used for extradition, which does not require a prior court decision.

This increases the need for professional advice to initially avoid extradition.

Outside the EU special rules apply for extradition.

Therefore you should use a defense attorney with large international experience and good language skills.


Terrorism is another area of ​​criminal law, we have special expertise in, including from international tribunals in the Hague and from various foreign universities;

Terrorism has particularly been in focus since September 11, 2001, and afterwards most countries introduced very throughout laws and provisions criminalizing a large number of activities that previously were not considered as terrorism;

Special rules

Terrorism as such is a relatively new crime in Danish and in International Law, and very specific rules apply that require special expertise to use.

Terrorism often has connections abroad, and is covered by a set of international rules, which we are experienced in using.

The climate and animal rights

The rules are very comprehensive, and even relatively ordinary kinds of crimes are now covered by the anti-terror provisions.

The fight for the climate or for animal rights for instance may now be covered by the anti-terror provisions.


PET (the Danish Intelligence Service) continuously monitors a large number of groups and individuals in Denmark, who are legitimately politically or religiously active.

Activities that previously were legitimate, may be the scope of a PET or police inquiry, and can be considered as terrorism or other illegal activity.

Both against terrorists and left- and right-wing communities, as well as immigrant and religious groups, the anti-terror provisions have been used in Denmark.


It is also illegal to support terrorist movements financially;

However, it may prove very difficult to determine if an entity in Denmark, or abroad, is subject to the rules.

Rarely support groups make it public that they support terrorist movements.

Therefore, you can easily get into trouble, eventhough it was not the intention, if you are supporting certain groups financially.

It has now also become illegal to express support for terrorism, which also applies to Social Media.


Terror acts have always been illegal in Denmark, but now a much wider span of activities are covered by the anti-terror laws.

Therefore, it is important to use experienced counseling in terror cases.

It is not everything the Police believes is terrorism that in fact is.


Terrorist acts abroad are also illegal to perform or contribute to from Denmark under Danish Law, and it does not only apply to active terrorist acts; 

Transport of objects or persons to be used for terrorism is illegal, and it is also illegal to assist in planning terror abroad from Denmark.

It is also illegal to participate in terrorist training here or abroad, which are both punishable in Denmark.


Terrorism is one of the most serious crimes and it can be punished with a lifetime sentence.

Attempted terror is initially punishable by twelve years in prison, and if terror is committed, the punishment is 14 years by minimum.

The rules have become extremely extensive, and the punishment is severe, so it is important at the very first inquiry from the police or PET to contact a defense attorney, who has an insight in the special provisions.

You are fully entitled thereto, eventhough anti-terror rules are applied.

International Criminal Law

Another specialty area within International Criminal Cases is International Criminal Law;

International Criminal Law covers these areas, and we have experience with all of them; 

The Crime of Aggression, War Crimes, Genocide and Crimes against Humanity.

We have experience from the major international tribunals in the Hague, and we are educated from several universities;

Master in International Criminal Law

Attorney Rasmus Soelberg holds an LL. M. in International Criminal Law from the Irish Center for Human Rights.

He was taught and instructed by the world's leading capacity; Professor William Schabas, whom he is still in contact with.

Attorney Rasmus Soelberg regularly updates his knowledge by attending courses, conventions and conferences, including at; 

Salzburg University, SOAS and BBP Universities in London, Malmoe Hoegskola and Hiil and Leiden Universities in the Hague.

Genocide and International Criminal Tribunals

Attorney Rasmus Soelberg visited several areas where Genocide was committed; Armenia, Cambodia, Bosnia and Herzegovina. 

The international criminal tribunals; MICT in Arusha in Tanzania, ECCC in Phnom Pehn in Cambodia, and all the international criminal tribunals in the Hague.

Attorney Rasmus Soelberg worked in; ICTYSTL and ICC. 

He is listed defense attorney and victims´ representative at; ICCECCC and STL.


Digital Security

Defense Attorney Rasmus Soelberg subsequently maintains the highest possible level of security for handling of; personal information, emails, the internet, case material, telephony, case management systems and the like;

We are using a state of the art system for encryption and it-security; 

Microsoft 365 Enterprise

This includes the following that secures both pcs and mobile devices; 

Office 365 Enterprise E3 

Windows 10 Enterprise E3

Enterprise Mobility plus Security


Emails containing personal information must be encrypted according to the Danish regulation of digital communication; 

We encrypt all our sent emails to comply with this regulation, and to ensure that information is not sent to any other recipients than the intended ones.

Emails sent from us are thus immediately followed by another email with a code, which is to be used to open the first received email.

Errors in emails

If you cannot open emails from us, please do contact us;

We will resend with the email with an alternative encryption, which can be used to open emails in systems that are not able to open emails with the encryption we regularly use. 

This encryption also complies with the rules and is also a full encryption.


If you are using the national Danish NemID Certificate, and opening emails from us is impossible, please contact us;

We will retrieve your certificate again, resend the email, and you will be able to open it.

If you are sending emails to us using the NemID Certificate, download our certificate or vCard at NemID, via our business name, email or CVR (Danish VAT) Number. The vCard is also attached to our sent emails.

Install the certificate, or save the vCard, on your computer, send the email to us, and we are able to open it.

Telephone and Chat

Attorney Rasmus Soelberg uses one of the world´s most secure and fully encrypted mobile telephones for civil use; the top model from BlackBerry, the Key2, which are also producing mobile phones for the United States´ Military. 

This device cannot be tapped or hacked in any ways or by anyone, neither private nor public entities.

We are using WhatsApp, so you can also chat with us fully encrypted.

Price and Conditions

The price for the defence attorney´s work is settled by the judge in the case based on the consumption of time according to fixed tafiffs, and we receive our payment from the Police.

Criminal Cases

The payment for a defense attorney is normally done by so-called Appointment;

Appointment means that the public authorities initially are paying the defense attorney´s legal fees.

Appointment is provided in most types of criminal cases.

Appointment is always applied for by Defense Attorney Rasmus Soelberg before a case is started up.

If Appointment is not provided, the client can choose one of the following; Pay for the case directly to Defence Attorney Rasmus Soelberg or that Defense Attorney Rasmus Soelberg shall not lead the case. 

The client is not charged, until it has been settled, if Appointment can be obtained.

Only convicts pay

If you are convicted in a case, you must pay the legal fees and any other costs (blood samples, other tests et cetera) directly to the Police.

A repayment scheme can be set up, if you are not able to pay the full amount in one installment.

If a case does not go to Court, you will not have to pay any legal fees.

If you are completely or partially acquitted, the Public Authorities will pay the legal fees, in full or in part, accordingly.

There are no fees to be paid to; the Court, the Prosecution Service, the Police or the like.

Fixed tariffs

The fixed tariffs for appointed counsel are mentioned  here;


Victims´ Representative

In victims´ representation cases the victims' insurance company is paying the legal fees.

If  a victim is not covered by insurance, the Public Authorities pay the victims´ representatives´ legal fees.

Other cases

In civil cases, the hourly rate is 3,000.00 Danish Kroner, including Danish VAT.

The final legal fee is based on the amount of time spent.

A fixed fee agreement maybe be settled before commencement of the case.

Free Process

In some court cases, and for some clients, Free Process can be granted, in which cases the Public Authorities pay the legal fees.

Free Process is applied for by Defense Attorney Rasmus Soelberg, if the case and the client appear relevant thereof.

Legal Expenses Insurance

Household insurance plans include a Legal Expences Insurance, which cover the attorney`s legal fees in certain types of court cases, but an amount for own risk is deducted in some cases.

Coverage is applied for by Defense Attorney Rasmus Soelberg, if the case and the client appear relevant thereof.


Attorney Rasmus Soelberg´s bank is Danske Bank`s Osterbro Branch;

Contact Form
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Danish attorneys are by law obligated to inform about the following;

Appointment and Bar Association 

Attorney Rasmus Soelberg is appointed by the Danish Ministry of Justice and he is a member of the Danish Bar Association.

Insurance and Guarantee

​Attorney Rasmus Soelberg is covered by a mandatory liability insurance and provided a guarantee, both in accordance with the framework set by the Danish Bar Association at;

CNA Insurance Company S. A.

Policy Number          FOR0073

These cover all legal advice, regardless of where this advice is provided.

Company information and jurisdiction clauses

Defense Attorney Rasmus Soelberg is a sole proprietorship,  which Attorney Rasmus Soelberg is single owner of, and with the following;

CVR Number

VAT Number

Defense Attorney Rasmus Soelberg is not using choice of law and/or jurisdiction clauses.

Rules and Laws

Danish attorneys must comply with; 

Code of Conduct

Good Law Practice

Disciplinary and Complaint System

The Administration of Justice Act


Complaints on attorneys´ conduct and/or legal fees can be sent to the Bar Standards´ Board;

Advokatnaevnets Sekretariat


DK-1306 Copenhagen   


More information at Danish Bar Association


Defense Attorney Rasmus Soelberg is continuously fully compliant with all regulations on storing and handling of personal information.

Including the specifically classified information defence attorneys handle in criminal cases. 

See also our privacy policy.



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Candidate in Law from the University of Copenhagen

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LLM International Criminal Law

Criminal Law

CEO and founder of re-assessment at Krim Legal Aid

CEO at Krim Legal Aid, Board and Representative

Prosecutor at the District Attorney´s Office

Independent defense attorney

International Criminal Law

Radovan Karadzic Defense Team at the Yugoslavia Tribunal

Defense Office at the Special Tribunal for Lebanon

Victims´Section at the International Criminal Court


Criminal Law at Aspiri

Property and Security and Creditor Rights at Law School

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Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia 

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